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◤ Novus Orsa ◢

Novus Orsa is the currently active casual game round.

Active Players:111
Players Today:49
Colonies Founded:702
Battles Fought:2,418
Ships Destroyed:280,288
The Lost:25%
Silent Observers:1%

◤ Latest News ◢

And So It Begins Again

⤷ 17:50 1-9-2762

SLF Diplomacy

⤷ 15:17 4-13-2761

The Origins

⤷ 20:20 6-19-2722

And So It Begins AgainTales from Naidar territory as told by Shinzon of the Blitzkrieg Empire

Captain of the Savior, at least one of the eight that currently kept it running along a course to sanctuary. Not knowing where they were headed, but in search of a world they could call home after the disaster that claimed their previous home. There were hundreds of vessels in the fleet, every one of them ran below a skeleton crew to preserve the hundreds of thousands on cryo.

"Sir, you should probably come to the bridge. We have an anomaly on the sensors we haven't run across before", buzzed the helmsman over the intercom.
"I'm making my way there now", replied Shinzon. "Better steer clear of it, we don't want anything to happen." Upon entering the bridge, Shinzon saw what could only be described as a maw of nothing. Seemed empty, there were no faint energy readings at all.
"It's pulling us in!"
"Full thrusters, get us away from it."
"It's too powerful, we are headed for a collision with the Advent."
"All hands brace for impact!"

The two ships came crashing into each other, cryo cells came pouring out of the hull from the Advent. People who survived the catalyst of their world, only to die in the cold reaches of space.

"We are about to enter the anomaly!" shouted the helmsman. There was nothing the fleet could do, it was under the control of the foreign entity. Once again, their species was at risk from something they couldn't control. As the chaos unfolded around them, all Shinzon could do was drink.

The fleet passed through the anomaly; they had been thrown across the universe into an uncharted area of space. There were ships on fire, dead in space, venting atmosphere, shuttles being launched and heading for the nearest relatively undamaged ships. The fleet had about a third of the ships left, yet amidst the dire situation there was a planet, their saving grace.

"Helmsman, what is that planet?" asked Shinzon. It was no good, the helmsman was dead. The ship was already traveling well above its own speed. The anomaly's gravity well had amplified their own speed. The fleet of survivors had found their planet they'd been looking for, but it was also going to be a grave for many of the remaining people. With no drives to slow them down the only ships that would make it would be the ones with functional shielding.

One by one, the ships entered the atmosphere. With no drives, many collided mid-descent, causing an inferno of debris to rain down on the untamed surface. The Savior screamed through the lower atmosphere with minimal shielding. The landing was going to be horrible; it'd be a miracle if anyone from the skeleton crew survives.

"This is the acting Captain," Shinzon was speaking to the entire crew. "We are about to crash land in moments. Everyone to the cryo chambers, they are well reinforced." Most people wouldn't make it anyways, but they needed hope, a reason to try and live.

Shinzon barely managed to enter the room before the doors closed. He could hear banging on the door, poor souls trapped on the other side of the room. Despite the yelling, he could not hear anything, like a calm before the storm. Then it happened.

The Savior hit the planet surface and everyone in the room was thrown violently across it. The pods themselves were unharmed, held in place by sturdy support structures. The planet was riddled with ships, few were barely intact. Most of them were barely recognizable, only the logos on the scraps of ships were an indicator of which ship they belonged too.

For all they had lost in such a short amount of time. For the survivors of this disaster, the planet offered hope. They had the blueprints to start rebuilding their civilization, they would find out what happened to the other fleets. Where ever they may be.
17:50 1-9-2762Story by SolarCat
SLF DiplomacyTales from Archons territory as told by mike_eastham of the Smurf Liberation Front

The dictator looked at the report, hard copy, stamped urgent, hand delivered and requesting his signature.
The report detailed the rioting that had suddenly broken out in the colony and the Astro Police were asking permission to execute final justice in the streets.
His normally clear blue eyes welled up with tears as he read and then reread the report.

"How can this be? I have done nothing, nothing except require mandatory recycling and legalized narcotics. While many of my peers are banning contraceptives and forcing urbanization. Hell, everything was hunky dory when I went to bed last night." He whispered to himself but the chief of the Astro Police standing before him heard the question and felt obliged to answer.

"Sir, are you not aware that the empire has declared war upon itself?"
As he looked up at the chief in stunned disbelief his holocom produced the face of The Death Knight.
"Hey, Mike, my new diplomatic holopad just arrived. Man, it is really sweet; works really fast with none of that AI cautionary BS getting in the way. We will be able to make diplomacy on the fly now."
"You did not happen to declare war on somebody did you?" the dictator said with a little strain leaking through his tone of voice.
"Well, hell yeah. I declared war on myself to check it out," TDK replied.
"TDK, you cannot just declare war on yourself. When you declare war you are speaking for the entire empire," Mike said with some intensity. "You have put the entire empire at war with itself."
"Oh, well, guess I had better change it back," replied TDK.
"Yes, good idea," Mike replied.

Looking up at the chief of the Astro Police the dictator tersely stated, "Permission denied," while tearing the report into tiny little pieces.
15:17 4-13-2761Story by SolarCat
The OriginsThe remaining leaders of True Humanity, of Bloodline, looked at Vaffel and he back at them. They'd always known that the Scalar Field bomb might destroy more than just their enemies, that it might undo the very fabric of the cosmos. It had done just that, rendering the Universe down to just this scattered collection of galaxies. But it had succeeded in demolishing the Technocrat-Commonwealth-Discordian alliance battering Bloodline. Their remaining opponents were now scattered, disoriented. Vulnerable. Gone, too, some of the Bloodline’s greatest fighters - The Black Hand, VV (whose true name was too honored to even speak), and the zealots of the Church of the Red Fire. Gone but not forgotten. Never forgotten. And soon, very soon, thought Vaffel, to be avenged.

The Commonwealth markets were doing something Yknottry had never seen before. Nothing. No gains, no losses, devaluations, revaluations, nothing. No margin calls from the Universal Banking Guild, no orders from the Soldiers of Agamemnon; no injunctions from Lex Talionas Lawyers. It was as if every feed had dropped at once. Well, someone's getting fired today. Or bribed. Or both. The chatter in his temporal implants peaked. So. The spies were right. The Bloodline, desperate and besieged, had lashed out at the universe itself in an effort to save their pathetic spartan cult. Good for them. He'd never liked three-way alliance against them. 'Us verses Them' limited opportunities for trade, for profit. But with the playing fields level? The possibilities were almost endless. And this was THEIR galaxy, bought and paid for with Galactic Lottery Commission credits. Time to collect the rent.

"Less than Optimal." That was the Galactic Research Initiative's assessment of their new circumstances. Shadow wanted to add "...and history repeating itself. Again." Cataclysmic destruction on a universal scale, and the combined scientific brilliance of the Amydrian Protectorate and the other Technocrat empires had failed to foresee it, much less prevent it. Others would have been demoralized, but not Shadow, and not the leaders even now linking in to the Technocrat GRI cloud. They were a new breed, unbowed by failure, willing to take chances, ready to roll the dice for Unitos, for Science with a capital 'S'. And Shadow couldn't shake the feeling (quickly becoming a certainty) that this time? The dice were coming up sevens.

Brandon had stood, watching the stars overhead wink out one by one, feeling... vindicated. The Goddess had spoken, and the Universe was pruning itself, cutting loose the dead or sickly branches. She had taken the Bloodline's Doomsday Device, and usurped it for her own purpose. Of that (and of other things, many things) he was sure. Gone the Erisian Brotherhood and other Discordian sects. The weak ones. Now only the strong, the hardy remained. His group. Led by him to this remote corner of creation, now to discover that they were the center of the remaining universe. His vision was stronger, clearer than ever: the remaining stars, galaxies seeded one by one by this Discordian Remnant, then pulled together into a single brilliant emerald pyre to light her way home. Let there be light.
20:20 6-19-2722Story by Tuson

Warring Factions is a notoriously addictive free real-time strategy game played in a browser.

What is different about warring factions?

Warring Factions is not based on turns like traditional browser strategy games, but simulates a real time strategy environment. Everything you do in this game is instant. Functions that are bound to a time frame, for example ship building, are controlled by background logic tasks, most of which run every minute to give the game a real time appearance.

The complex economy for each colony is computed every game day or 24 real minutes. Battles are processed on demand, whenever a fleet attacks another. All ships fire once every battle tick, which happens every minute. Just like in other real-time strategy games, combat takes time, but happens in real-time. Other fleets can join an ongoing fight or overwhelmed combatants can try to retreat, giving combat a very real feel.

There are no obvious ticks or rounds for the player, everything happens "on the fly".

solar system


Detailed colony management that includes for every individual colony its own economical model, taxes, laws, infrastructure and buildings.

A completely open technology research system, with millions of combinations and a unique result every time.

Intelligent battle logic that is more than just an addition and subtraction. Every ship is matched up against the other in a complex battle algorithm, ensuring that strategy can defeat brute force.

Several factions to choose from, to fit your play style. Each one attracts a certain kind of player, and each side has its own flavor and strategy.

Player run empires that can cross factions, creating interesting diplomatic challenges and strategies.

Fully player-customizable space ships, from the drive down to the type of armor and how much you use.

Customizable user interface.

An integrated forum for players to interact, with private forums for discussing subjects with your empire or faction.

A truly 3-D universe viewable in VRML, HTML, or plain text, boasting over a million planets and a hundred thousand systems.

Tailor the universe. Using naming credits you can name the planets and stars, with an upload credit you can even change the look of them.

Beauty in complexity.

Warring Factions is a strategy game played in a browser. It is set in space in the far future. Players can found and manage many colonies, research unique ship parts and buildings, design their own ships and build large war fleets. Resource management is also needed at colonies to build ships, requiring realistic natural resources mined from the planet or shipped in from other planets.

Combat is calculated in detail ensuring that strategy can defeat brute force. Every unique ship class is matched against the other, chosing a unique target with a hit chance based on speed, size, and number of guns. Large capital ships also feature gun batteries to defend against smaller fighters and bombers. To mix up the strategies you can get lucky (or unlucky) with your research and end up with a hybrid, allowing for unique gun/armour layouts.

A fully open science system is used to create the 100% player developed blueprints that are used to build anything in the game. Including resource mines, colony institutions, colony defences, ships, guns and armour everything is player generated using formulas that can only be learnt through hard work and testing.

a colony view

Fluid diplomacy is required to balance the needs of yourself, your empire and your faction. With multiple factions and only one winner you must do what you can to support your faction whilst also keeping your empire at the head of the pack. Personal glory can be attained on the scoreboard, with scores available for colony management, science, military and exploration.

Work to your own pace. Warring Factions is notoriously long, with several rounds in the past lasting over a year. Many power swings, revolutionary designs, intrigue and espionage creating a dynamic universe. Whilst many players try and maximise all available options some players prefer to explore and end up with colonies on the edge of the universe, some prefer working on science formulae and a few just want to see the universe burn.

a ship blueprint

Warring Factions is the most complex strategy game currently available on the market. It is free to play with an optional paid premium account, which makes some tasks easier and adds some special interfaces for the power gamer. In addition to that a player can buy naming credits, to name planets, systems or even galaxies in this realistic universe with several galaxies consisting of thousands of systems and tens of thousand of planets each.


Game History

Warring Factions has been running for a number of years now, along the way we have had many great stories and events captured by players from the game in the form of news bulletins or stories.

Current Round
And So It Begins Again
SLF Diplomacy
The Origins
Older Instances
Discovery, Betrayal & Metal Hands
The best diplomatic envoy ever
A Certain Shade of Grey
The Rending Part 1 - The Wanderer
Rise of the Clones
Writing on the Wall
Tales of the Great Sundering: Pt. 2
The Feckoning
Older Instances
The Serenity Sanction
Tales of the Great Sundering: Pt. 1
Sine qua non
A Theoretical Examination of High Tax Rates
Dawn of the Ducks
Principles of Genocide
Mr. Brown Chronicles Vol I
The Gathering Storm
Battle for Ska Boss
Older Instances
The Fall of Saint November's Rage
War in the Core
The Holy Lands
And so the Old World ends
Old Factions Die Hard
A Mystery
The Exodus: Part 2
The Exodus: Part 1
I have received a premonition!
Older Instances
Battle Royale
Secure the main doors!
Magnetic Fields Attract Smashed Dreams
And so it Begins
The First Day Of Freedom
Violent riots across galactic colonies
The beginnings of all things new....
A War Against Entropy As History Echoes Familiarity
Older Instances
A Sliver of Progress in a Haystack of Stagnation
A Year to Remember... Or is it?
Making Dreams into Reality
survey 7 to control
Assault Gone Wrong Leads to the Unnecessary Loss of Thousands of Lives
Hitting Close to Home
Exclusive Interview with Enache Vladian II!
Not So Routine Check In
Association Fleets Close in on Alliance Colonies
Older Instances
The Death of the Market
Turmoil in the Alliance!
Caught in the middle
Be Corrupt and Die!
Subtle Beginnings
Routine Data Dump 512a-VI
Deep space Observatory Helixal 7
Being God of Creation is a Thankless Task
In the Valley of the Shadow
Older Instances
Space Oddity
A New Star is Born
Rest Easy...
Laissez Faire
Dawn of the Second Age
Before the Storm
From hell's heart I stab at thee...
A New Age, A New Order.
Older Instances
We Give You Our Sick
Voyage Into The Crimson Expanse – Operation Red Eye
The Scar
Alliance Internal Defense Supervisor Tests His Virility
Alliance Ingenuity
The Protectorate Emerges
Your Ordinary Week
Joint Association Secure Empires
...The End of the Universe
Older Instances
Alpha Omega
Fall of the House of Cards
Rare Wormhole Discovered!
Rampant Corruption
CNN: Breaking News – Space Herpes Outbreak Worsens
Breaking News - ANN
Breaking News - UGC
A New Era: In The Beginning
Older Instances
The Quiet Exodus
Shelter High Command finds Lord Asriel guilty of high treason - Martial Law declared
Scattered Remains Tell A Haunting Story
New threat discovered
Obesity Rates Skyrocket Like A Small Child In A Trebuchet With A Fat Person As A Counterweight
An Interview with Lord Asriel
Oxford-Goo Research Initiative Starts Universes Largest Project
Human frailties
Death, Destruction and Mayham
Older Instances
Exposed: Scientific Fascism
An awakening
Economic Crisis?
Archeived Transmission Unearthed from Database
Intrigue, Liars and Spies, Oh My!
A New Beginning
The end is nigh!
The Tide Turns
The War Drums Beat
Older Instances
The Dominion a Threat From Within
A New Enemy
Diamonds and the Market: How to avoid getting screwed
Vector Technologies - Making space safer
Strategy Space Game WF is copyright 2004-2012 Thomas Auge

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This faction currently has a growth modifier of: 76%


Death is certain. Glory is earned. Success is essential.

By these three tenets the Archons have survived the comings and goings of a several millenia of conflict, prosperity and everything inbetween. Their philosophy remains sacred into the modern technology age, with those that achieve glory, whether it be financial, cultural or otherwise, being introduced to the Halls of Time; A record kept since records began of those deemed worthy of remembering.

After local space exploration uncovered a strange anomaly the Arcons set their sights on success. Personal fortunes, corporate budgets and national reserves were quickly emptied into the nubile space industry and the Archons set off in search of their own histories.



This faction currently has a growth modifier of: 83%


Where does a fish go once it has grown legs?

Suffering the fate of the early risers of evolution the Scaldarians were decimated time and time again by their grumpy and active planet. Barely surviving ice ages, only to expand heroically during the interglacial periods between them. Intelligence was a hard fought battle against nature, forcing the Scaldarians to learn how to survive several global extinction events.

Once everything had rather settled down, the Scaldarians were left dominating their planet. Their culture, exposed to freedom for the first time, frantically searched for a new purpose. Cataloging their local stars and space, they searched for a new threat to prepare for. The astrologists learned of an area of space where light entered and never returned.

Perceiving this new discovery as the object they had been searching for, the catalyst was set for expansion to the stars, planning to meet whatever they discovered head on.

The Lost

The Lost

This faction currently has a growth modifier of: 90%


Without ties that bind or obligations to anyone, every Lost civilization is unique and independent from the rest of the universe. Finding no common ground with the other factions, the Lost have decided to eke out an existence cut off from the major ruling powers, and have to deal with the hardships of a sometimes harsh and unforgiving universe by themselves. Often occupied more with survival than ideals, the Lost will always have a hard uphill battle ahead of them. They will begin in the Core of Alpha without a faction homeworld and also lacking many of the Faction mechanisms.

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